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Appliance Fitting

Appliance Fitting & Plumbing in Liverpool

With modern day technology, your kitchens are now fitted a plethora of technology. Your washing machine, refrigerator, freezer and obviously your kitchen taps may all take a water supply.

Attempting to do this yourself, or use someone that isn’t qualified could potentially leave you out of pocket and nursing big leaks. Always leave it to the qualified professionals when fitting your appliances.

That’s where we come in at Simple Solutions Plumbing. We cover all kitchen appliances to keep your home plumbing in top condition.

Washing Machine Installation & Plumbing

So you’ve moved house or bought a new washing machine? It’s time to get it plumbed in before your dirty clothes start piling up. Don’t just follow a YouTube video, we know there are 100s out there that explain how to do the job. However, completing the job yourself and getting it wrong can cause you a lot of different problems. You may cross thread screws, create a leak or even break the tap on the pipe itself (they’re very fragile). What do you do in that situation? You call a plumber.

Start the job off right, just call a qualified technician to fit the machine. The cost is a lot less than you would think. That’s the best way to ensure that your washing machine is fitted correctly from the start.

Refrigerator Installation & Plumbing

The latest fridge freezers have the ability to take a water supply. The refrigerator then filters the water making it cleaner and better to drink. These are fantastic in the areas where the water is especially hard and full of calcium. You get clean fresh drinking water that’s as good as bottled water.

In order to have this feature working, it’s important to have a water connection. Most of the houses in the UK, don’t have more than 1 water connection, this is generally near the sink to connect your washing machine. So what can you do?

Call a Qualified Plumber

Get yourself a qualified plumber to come and create a water connection where YOU WANT your fridge. Our team will come out, assess the job and give you a quote to put your new fridge freezer exactly where you want it.