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Outside Tap Fitting

Outside Tap Fitting

Call in the professionals and get an outside garden tap fitted the correct way. We only use quality components so that you never need to worry. Having an outside tap makes your gardening easier, cleaning the car (if you have a front tap fitted) or even jet washing your decking. Everything is made easier with an outside tap that’s ready to just push a hose on to.

Outside Tap Fitting

Benefits and Price of an Outside Tap

A great addition to any home with outside space. Whether washing your car, watering your garden or plants or even rinsing muddy boots after a walk, a well fitted outside tap can be a huge benefit at an unbelievably low cost. We supply great quality parts, a brass double check valve tap, isolation valve plus all pipe and fittings at the great price of only £70.00.

Some of the things people like to do with an outside tap are as follows

  • Wash the car
  • Jet wash the patio
  • Steam clean the windows
  • Fill the kids swimming pool up
  • Fill your jacuzzi up
  • Water the plants
  • Power outdoor pools, ponds or water features.

Doing any of these without a water supply outdoors becomes very difficult if not impossible.

We have a team of highly trained professionals waiting to fit your taps, hot or cold. As we’ve mentioned above, prices start from £70 and our team are happy to provide you a free quote, just pick up the phone and they’ll be happy to help.